Let’s Make Crypto Sunday the Biggest Event of the Year

Crypto Sunday

Crypto Sunday is a new initiative, launched by Coinmama but completely open to all, which is designed to accelerate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. Just like the companies which launched Cyber Monday to showcase the increasing relevance of e-commerce, we believe that the crypto economy has matured to the extent that it deserves its own unique promotional day.

We believe that the market is ripe for a crypto-focused sales day. That’s why we’ve started a campaign to promote every fourth Sunday of November as Crypto Sunday!

Crypto Sunday 2018

Why Crypto Sunday?

By offering special deals and significant discounts for customers paying with cryptocurrency, Crypto Sunday gives anyone with net access a compelling, practical reason to get into crypto. It’s good for the industry and good for customers – not only do they get a good deal but their monetary options are extended by learning about crypto.

The goal of Crypto Sunday isn’t just to save money; it’s to boost adoption and awareness of crypto as a legit payment method. A lot of people see crypto mainly as a way to get rich, and that’s fine. For crypto to really fulfill its potential as fair global money however, it first has to go mainstream. Initiatives like Crypto Sunday are designed to achieve precisely this goal.

When is Crypto Sunday?

Crypto Sunday falls on the Sunday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To be more specific; Crypto Sunday is the fourth Sunday of every November. The first ever Crypto Sunday will take place on November the 25th of 2018.

Let’s Make Crypto Sunday the Biggest Event of the Year!

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Crypto Sunday Business Cooperation

Join us! Everybody in the crypto space is welcome to get involved and make Crypto Sunday a fun holiday away from FIAT. We particularly encourage other brokers and exchanges to offer similar discounts on their services. As the primary on-ramp to crypto, our industry can do a lot to attract new users, especially if we work together.

Sure, various crypto-accepting merchants and exchanges have offered special Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals in the past, but never as part of an organized campaign. By focusing our marketing efforts around this particular day, which falls within a timeframe when discounted shopping is high on everyone’s agenda, we can amplify and extend our reach.

Spread the word, so we can reward crypto users and encourage further adoption at the same time!




How to Market Crypto Sunday to Users

Numerous merchants offer deep discounts or exclusive products and services around the last Sunday of November. Certain deals may run from Friday to Monday, and perhaps even earlier or later to account for time zone differences.

Some good places to advertise your company’s participation include: